Vintage 80s Quilted Bomber Jacket


🛥️ in red, white, blue & gold, crop cut, deep pockets, smoother zipper, jacket, coat, breathable fabric is great for warmer months, beautiful square stitch pattern all over, big sleeves, roomy

🍒 nautical, affluent, opulent, mob boss in miami, gender fluid, sun damage noted in close up of collar – reflected in price .

⛓️ wear on your yacht (obvs) or to a sunday brunch, impress your friends with your eco, planet saving shopping choices AND fashion, pair with raybans, denim, white shorts, a maxi skirt (like they did in the 80s), cut offs,


the margaret of molalla collection

61cm length
57cm chest
75cm sleeve (from collar)

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ shopping with us is saving the planet ・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

eco cleaned & recycle packed
sustainable fashion revolution
woman witch owned business
item : 809

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